The Dog Days Are Over…But Not for Rampant Design


“Well the dog days are over….”

I can t get that tune out of my head. But I digress….

The dog days may be over, but not for Rampant Design. In fact, I’m pretty sure this team never saw the bright summer light of day. The hardest working team in VFX cranked out more Style Effects in three months….my head is still spinning and I’m not quite sure how they did it. And I should say, how they do it – because they haven’t stopped. They’re still cranking out amazing new Style Effects at crazy image quality and with endless utility.

I decided to go back to June and do a tally of the Style Effects Rampant has cranked out since then. Here’s a snapshot:

During the month of June 2015, Rampant Design  unveiled nine new Style Effects collections, including:

In July, Rampant Design unveiled over 800 brand new Style Effects collections, including:

  • Rampant Film Burns122 2K, 4K and 5K hand crafted film burn effects for film and video. Perfect for high energy video and motion graphics.
  • Rampant Designer Overlays100 2K, 4K and 5K hand crafted Designer Color Overlay effects for film and video. Instantly add beautiful color grades to your video with the ease of Rampant Drag and Drop Style Effects.
  • Rampant Motion Graphics for Editors v1Over 600 drag and drop animated motion graphics elements for editors. Easy to use 2K, 4K and 5K animations for your next video production.

And in August, Rampant pulled the covers back on over 2,000 brand new Style Effects collections, including:

Unreal! I’d like to say, ‘hey guys, take a well earned break!’ But selfishly, I want to see what’s next!

If you haven’t already checkout out Rampant’s amazing libraries of Style Effects, check them out here. Or, take advantage of their incredibly generous 4K Free program, where they offer hundreds of stunning 4k Style Effects absolutely free! It’s an amazing program that will give you a taste of what’s possible adding Rampant to your workflow.


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