Divergent Media: Great News for Filmmakers

So I have a couple of pieces of cool news.
First, I’m really pleased to share that I’ve just begun working with Mike Woodworth of Divergent Media. Mike’s been creating some powerful software for filmmakers for a few years now, but just recently he’s decided to turn up the volume a bit and share a bit more with the community everything he’s been up to, and where things are headed with Divergent Media.
And second, we’re jumping right out of the gate with some very cool news for DPs, cinematographers and editors.
Here’s the gist (and I’ve included the press release with all the details below):
Divergent Media’s ScopeLink is a technology they introduced a few years ago-  it is software that allows ScopeBox to see (and scope) the video signal inside another application. Users of FCPX, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects and other applications can use ScopeLink to attach ScopeBox to their timelines. Today Divergent Media has made it possible to use ScopeBox with EditReady preview playback.
Basically, this means if you own both EditReady and ScopeBox you can now get live video scopes of your camera originals right from the EditReady preview player. Any camera files EditReady supports: AVCHD, HDV, MXF, MOV and MP4. You don’t need to rewrap or transcode the footage to get access to professional quality QA tools. And if you’re shooting in Log, protune, cine-gamut, or any other format, you can still use EditReady’s LUT support to preview your shots as corrected video – the LUT-transformed video will be sent to ScopeBox as well.
This is great news for filmmakers and editors. But Divergent Media has been flying a bit under the radar recently, so you may not have heard from them lately.
Check out the news below:


Divergent Media Completes Integration of ScopeBox with EditReady
EditReady Digital Media Prep, Monitor and Delivery Tools Combine Powerful ScopeBox Features to Add Full Time Scopes with No Additional Hardware Needed
San Francisco, CA (March 2, 2016)Divergent Media (www.divergentmedia.com) today announced it has launched a new version of its EditReady digital media prep, monitor and delivery software for DITs and editors. With this new version, EditReady now integrates Divergent Media’s ScopeBox software, providing filmmakers and editors with a single workflow to quickly and easily get footage from the camera to the editor, regardless of camera or file format.
With support for all industry popular camera formats, and editing formats, EditReady converts media for immediate preview and playback, lets users apply LUTs for color correction, view and edit metadata, easily convert between DNxHD and ProRes and run simultaneous batches, allowing them to generate proxy media or convert footage from different cameras. And now with ScopeBox integration, filmmakers and editors have dedicated, full time scopes without the need for external hardware, taking advantage of ScopeLink to connect EditReady directly to ScopeBox.
“EditReady with ScopeBox integration is a pretty big deal for filmmakers and editors; because of its camera format and file format flexibility, it’s a solution that fits quite neatly between the camera and the editor,” said Mike Woodworth, founder of Divergent Media. “Since EditReady can instantly playback footage directly from the camera, without any transcoding or re-wrapping steps needed, the new ScopeBox integration will provide them the fastest way to review media straight from the camera!”
EditReady + ScopeBox: A Powerful Camera-to-Edit Workflow

With EditReady, filmmakers have deep functionality right on set that significantly enhances the camera-to-edit workflow, with features including:

  • Quick transcode of any MXF, MTS (AVCHD), M2T (HDV), or QuickTime (MOV) file to an edit-ready format like Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD;
  • Apply LUTs for color correction;
  • View and Edit Metadata;
  • Support for all the popular editing formats (ProRes, DNxHD, etc) and non-linear editors (Final Cut Pro, FCPX, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie).
  • Dedicated full time scopes without external hardware, which means it’s fast!
  • Professional Quality – most software scopes on the market today are slow and inaccurate. ScopeBox adds professional calibre, high quality accurate scopes directly linked to your media.

Pricing and Availability

EditReady with ScopeBox integration is available immediately, with EditReady bundled with ScopeBox. This new bundle is priced at $119.95 USD for new customers. Existing customers can upgrade to the bundle for $69.95 USD. For more information or to purchase EditReady with ScopeBox, please visit www.divergentmedia.com.
About Divergent Media

Divergent Media is an independent software company focused on providing flexible tools for monitoring, quality assurance, and acquisition for the video production industry. We’re also a small team of filmmakers and editors who are passionate about the creative, we love the gear, but we hated the workflow. So we developed EditReady and ScopeBox. To learn more, please visit www.divergentmedia.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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