Live Stream Directly to Facebook with Switcher Studio



It’s a pretty big day for the team at Switcher Studio.

Today they announced a new integration deal with Facebook Live, which means you can now stream live to Facebook directly from within the app. That’s cool!

With a single tap in Switcher Studio, you can be live streaming from an iPhone or iPad, where ever you are (with an Internet connection of course) directly to your followers. This opens up a whole new wave of opportunity for consumers, and even major brands and broadcasters clamoring to use Facebook Live in a meaningful way – and with exceptional quality.

Here are some excerpts from Switcher Studio’s press release today, which give you a good idea of what this powerful little app is capable of:

A major new upgrade to the Switcher Studio video creation platform, this new release – available immediately – enables users to easily sync the Switcher Studio app with their Facebook account for single-tap streaming to their Facebook News Stream, Pages, Groups and Facebook Events.”
“The new Switcher Studio v2.7 also adds a host of performance-enhancing features designed to give Apple iPhone and iPad consumers a professional video experience without the hassle and expense of traditional broadcast equipment. In addition, this update takes advantage of hardware accelerated video processing and significantly improves the quality of wireless multi-camera productions using the Switcher Studio app.”

New features in Switcher Studio v2.7 include:

  • Facebook Live integration;
  • New SwitcherCast update for enhanced real-time screen sharing;
  • New hardware-accelerated video encoding/decoding;
  • Enhanced wireless video quality;
  • Longer battery life for connected sources;


Switcher Studio v2.7 also adds core feature updates to improve the overall recording and streaming experience for users, including:

  • Ability to monitor battery and storage on all devices with new notifications center;
  • Add multiple files to the render queue and visualize progress during transfer;
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts from a single device.

You can sign up for a free trial here.

I work with these guys, and I know I’m a tad biased. But regardless, this is a huge leap for iOS streaming and social media. Facebook is clearly investing tremendous resources in Facebook Live – they want everyone to experience it. And Switcher Studio is going to be huge in amping up the production quality of all that content being pushed out to Facebook audiences.


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