Edit Essentials: Exactly What I Need, Everyday

Vast libraries of amazing effects are great.

But sometimes it’s like drinking from a fire hose. Sometimes you’re on a job, on a deadline, and on a budget. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s drudgery. Sometimes you just need those handful of effects to get the job done easily and quickly. But it still has to look amazing. Like, Hollywood amazing.

While the founders of Rampant Design – Sean and Stef Mullen – are constantly dreaming up new Style Effects, they’re also constantly thinking, ‘how do we make our users’ lives that much easier.’

Sean and Stef have a unique perspective, an empathy for the community. They’ve been there, they’ve done the feature films, episodics and commercials. And they’ve suffered through all sorts of deadlines, budgets, crazy workflows and impossible expectations.

It’s why they do what they do.

Today they released a new tool kit. It’s called Edit Essentials. The name says it all. Edit Essentials are that handful of Style Effects you just need – everyday, every job. Light leaks, film effects, overlays, transitions – they’re all here. But Rampant put them in one, easy to access library. Same ultra high quality 4k effects – over 200 of them. And they priced it at $59.00.

Check them out here:

And buy them here.


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