The Editing…Timeline

Professional editors who have been in the game long enough realize that, much like the timelines they are glued to 25 hours a day, the evolution of video editing – while obviously linear – is becoming increasingly compressed. The old salts will talk about the days of the ‘cutting room floor’ (now that’s just a clever name for a podcast), to the edit suite and the advent of non-linear editing, NLE’s on the desktop, NLEs on the laptop…… It’s been a long journey, with each transition to a new platform begrudging the next over how the new era could never match the old era. It wasn’t too long ago that editing on a laptop was considered a joke. Today, it’s all most editors know.

And so it goes with mobile editing. Or, editing on an iPad. History is beginning to repeat itself, again… and it’s applications like LumaFusion that are forging the gap between the two worlds. LumaFusion just got it so right. And it’s because of its roots and the team behind it – starting with the co-founders, Chris Demeris and Terri Morgan. Chris and Terri have deep roots in this industry, with their early days working at  Avid and leading the Pinnacle Studio effort. They lived through the NLE wars as software developers, but more importantly, as editors. And they never lost sight of what was truly important. What matters to editors. The experience. If you’re forced to sit in front of a screen for days/weeks/months on end, the experience matters. The workflow matters. The UX matters. The Luma Touch team understands this inherently.

And that’s what fuels LumaFusion.

The team keeps pushing forward. Each new update closes that perception gap between platforms and pushes the community forward into an entirely new era of editing. Much like what happened oh so many years ago as the NLE moved from workstation to laptop.

Take a look at the most recent update. Just look at the feature set, as well as the UX that enables a workflow that makes you forget that you’re working on a tablet – or check that – makes you ask yourself why you haven’t done it sooner.

This is a glimpse of what’s new in LumaFusion v2.3 (from the press release. Read the full press release here):


  • Select range with handles in timeline navigator;
  • Lasso-select in the timeline;
  • Tap individual clips to add and remove from selection;
  • Drag multiple clips in the timeline;


  • Cut, copy, and paste within a project and between projects;
  • Copy attributes from one clip to many selected clips;
  • Quickly change presets (transitions, titles, effects) for multiple clips; Integration

  • Browse media within the library;
  • View, reply, and add your own comments directly in LumaFusion
  • Drag-and-drop media to the Timeline;
  • Upload LumaFusion rendered projects with comments to and then receive replies directly in the LumaFusion timeline.
  • Add comments offline and they’ll sync automatically when you’re connected to

And the development team is still hard at work, continuing to push LumaFusion forward,  deeper into the professional realm. It will continue to get even more compelling, with capabilities like multicam editing coming soon (yes, it’s getting closer!), the decision to at least add iOS editing to your arsenal is becoming easier and easier to make. And for $29, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Once you realize that you’re editing with a workflow that easily rivals FCPX, Premiere or whatever you’re using on the desktop – at a fraction of the cost and on an iPad – you begin to realize that this is the future of editing. It can only get better.

The team at Luma Touch is at the forefront of a new era. And we’re at another threshold in the industry where mobile editing is becoming, well…. editing.

If you haven’t tried LumaFusion yet, check it out here.


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