FiLMiC Pro and Live Streaming; It’s Here

Today is kind of a big deal for FiLMiC Pro content creators, or for anyone looking to get more from their mobile devices to create amazing video content. We’re releasing a new upgrade (FiLMiC Pro v6.12) that has a very compelling new feature: Clean HDMI Output. While it sounds like a small point, it’s actually quite a big deal. With clean HDMI output now available in FiLMiC Pro for both iOS and select supported Android devices, your mobile phone becomes a powerful live streaming device, a mobile webcam or even a mobile monitor while out on a shoot.

The implications of this are huge, especially these days when circumstances beyond our control have catapulted mobile devices into the higher end, professional production market. It’s no longer the pitch that “you should be using a mobile phone as a cinema camera,” the fact is, filmmakers and content creators ARE doing it. So why not provide them with the best, most effective tools to help them get their job done. With this new release, FiLMiC Pro just upped the game for so many – be they aspirational, enthusiasts, YouTubers or professional production crews.

The update is available now, but check out the press release for more details.

FiLMiC Inc Introduces Support for Clean HDMI Output in Newest Version of FiLMiC Pro Cinema Camera App

FiLMiC Pro with Support for Clean HDMI Output Presents Significant Opportunity for Mobile Live Streaming, Mobile Webcam and Mobile Monitoring Workflows   

FiLMiC Inc. ( today announced the newest upgrade to its FiLMiC Pro mobile cinema camera app for iOS and Android devices, adding support for clean HDMI output. This new development presents significant opportunities for a number of high-value mobile video workflows, including mobile live streaming, mobile webcams and mobile monitoring.

Using a compatible HDMI adapter or over WiFi using AirPlay (iOS only), FiLMiC Pro now enables users to output a camera feed without any additional UI elements overlaid. The ability to leverage a Clean HDMI Output enables several use cases, including:

Live Streaming: FiLMiC Pro users can now use one or more smartphones (running FiLMiC Pro) as a cost-effective camera solution for live streaming with an HDMI live switching device, such as the ATEM Mini from Blackmagic Design. Using a compatible HDMI adaptor users can easily transform an iPhone and compatible Android handsets into powerful live camera solutions. When FiLMiC Pro is paired with our companion app FiLMiC Remote, users can also seamlessly control all cameras wirelessly for complete manual control.

Mobile Monitoring: Clean HDMI Out in FiLMiC Pro is also ideal for turning a large screen TV or computer monitor into an on-set monitor. Now users can send a high quality feed to the director, or simply create a large reference monitor for talent – all easily achieved with an HDMI adaptor or wireless connection over Airplay on iOS.

Mobile Webcam Solution: When FiLMiC Pro is paired with the Elgato CamLink 4K or equivalent, FiLMiC Pro can be used as a webcam in just about any scenario where a webcam is required, including video conferencing applications like Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or just about any video conferencing application available on a Mac and Windows computer.

A detailed tutorial and walkthrough of all the key features of FiLMiC Pro with Clean HDMI Output is available here:

Pricing and Availability

The newly-upgraded FiLMiC Pro is available immediately for both iOS and supported Android devices and is priced at $14.99 USD. The upgrade is also free for existing FiLMiC Pro customers. To download FiLMiC Pro for iOS from the App Store, please visit here. To download FiLMiC Pro for supported Android devices from the Google Play Store, please visit here.  

About FiLMiC Inc.

FiLMiC Inc is a team of filmmakers, photographers, software developers and creatives with a passion for mobile cinema. We developed FiLMiC Pro to enable filmmakers with the caliber of advanced features and capabilities that turn a simple mobile device into a cinematic film camera. We’re proud to have inspired filmmakers of all levels, and from every corner of the planet to usher in a new era of filmmaking. For more information please visit


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