FiLMiC Firstlight: A New Level of Film Emulations for Digital Photographers

You may recall the recent launch of FiLMiC’s still image photography app, Firstlight for iOS and Android. Today we’re announcing a new update, but what’s really interesting here is the significant investment the company is making into advanced film emulation – rivaling, if not exceeding emulation tech in the broader digital photo industry today. it’s an exciting development for the company as they continue to expand their influence, not only in mobile filmmaking/video, but into digital still photography.

The press release below spells out a lot of the details, but take a closer look at the film emulations they’ve announced – these are not merely ‘looks’ or ‘filter’ but rather sophisticated emulations that very well may have you re-thinking which camera you bring to your next shoot.

FiLMiC Firstlight App for iOS and Android Elevates Mobile Photography with New, Advanced Film Emulations for Digital Photographers 

Firstlight Delivers the Digital Photography Industry’s Most Sophisticated Image Processing, Most Authentic Film Emulation Technology to Mobile Devices

Seattle, WA (September 18, 2020)  –  FiLMiC Inc. ( announced today it has made significant advancements in digital mobile photography with the launch of its newly-updated FiLMiC Firstlight. FiLMiC Firstlight for iOS and Android mobile devices is the Company’s still image photography app that offers an enhanced photo shooting experience for photographers of all skill levels, with a clean interface and intuitive controls to dial in shots with precision and accuracy.

Since its debut, FiLMiC has invested significant engineering and development resources to develop the digital photography industry’s most advanced image processing, exposure management and shader-based visualizations, elevating the mobile digital photography market to the professional realm.

With today’s release of FiLMiC Firstlight v1.1, FiLMiC is adding a series of new, advanced film emulations and features that deliver stunning, authentic film photography experiences, including:

  • New CR-41 film emulations: a collection of emulations that represent the subtle nuances of classic color-negative film stocks including: 
    • Plus – Based on Kodak ColorPlus 200, skin tones are constrained to a pleasing, narrow tonal range and blues are rendered in a dreamy teal;
    • Gold – Evokes Kodak Gold, a daylight-balanced film that is warm and saturated;
    • Gypsum – Exhibiting the vibrancy of Kodak Portra UC, this color palette is optimized to produce luminant and pleasing skin tones;
  • A new film emulation called “Layton” has been added to the “Chrome” film emulation category;
  • A new 35mm lens option that provides the ability to use a variety of 35mm lens and 3rd party lens adapters;
  • Higher quality film emulation rendering for all existing and new film emulations;
  • Reduced color bleed for the IR film emulations.

FiLMiC Firstlight also delivers a compelling set of features that provide an enhanced photo shooting experience for photographers of all skill levels. Photographers will be drawn to the clean interface and intuitive controls to dial in shots with precision and accuracy, with features such as:

  • Fast, intuitive focus and exposure controls: Tap the screen to set focus/exposure, tap again to lock.
  • AE Mode: A proprietary Auto Exposure mode for setting shutter/iso combination. 
  • Cross-swipe manual controls: The most intuitive way to manually adjust focus and exposure. Swipe across the image to dial in your perfect shot. Swipe up and down to adjust exposure. Swipe left and right to adjust focus. 
  • Reactive analytics: A foundation feature of FiLMiC Pro and now in a photo app, manually adjusting focus and exposure will automatically apply focus peaking or zebra stripes to make sure the shot is perfect. 
  • RGB Histogram: Dynamically shows the exposure profile of the image across all color channels. 
  • Vintage film simulations: The magic of Firstlight is in a realistic tribute to authentic film stocks includes a range of film simulations included free.
  • Film grain: Apply natural looking film grain effects to give your photos that ‘film look’.  Medium grain.   
  • Vignette: Apply a subtle dark vignette to any image.
  • Lens selector: Quickly switch between all available lenses on a mobile device.  Go from tele to ultrawide with the tap of a finger.  (Note:  camera/lens support is device specific). 
  • RAW: DNG and TIFF formats for full control over your photo edit. (note: Film simulations are not supported in Raw formats)

Additional professional camera features included with Firstlight include:

  • Burst mode 
  • Timer 
  • Flash 
  • Grid overlays 
  • Aspect ratios: 4:3, 16:9, 3:2, 1:1, 5:4 
  • Expanded shadow detail 
  • JPG or HEIC Selection (on supported devices)
  • HDR control on supported devices (e.g., Pixel 4)
  • Volume button shutter and support for most bluetooth camera shutter remotes 
  • FiLMiC Pro quick launch button (for owners of FiLMiC Pro)

Pricing and AvailabilityFiLMiC Firstlight is available immediately from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and is priced at $7.99 USD. For more information on FiLMiC Firstlight, please visit

About FiLMiC Inc.FiLMiC Inc is a team of filmmakers, photographers, software developers and creatives with a passion for mobile cinema. We developed FiLMiC Pro to enable filmmakers with the caliber of advanced features and capabilities that turn a simple mobile device into a cinematic film camera. We’re proud to have inspired filmmakers of all levels, and from every corner of the planet to usher in a new era of filmmaking. For more information please visit


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