Sitting on Mountains of Video Archives and Don’t Know Where to Start? Clippn Can Help

Last month I helped announce a new service for video archives and news organizations called Clippn. Founded by industry veteran, Mick Reed, Clippn is a service designed to to help companies deal with the vast video archives they’ve been sitting on – not just wrangle them, but actually effectively curate, catalog, tag and even monetize them.

Here’s a link to their site to learn more, and here’s a link to some coverage of the announcement so you can see what the industry is saying as well.

Mick sat down with a very good friend of mine and host of OWC Radio podcast, Cirina Catania to talk about Clippn, its inspiration, and the kind of value they’re adding to news and archives organizations. It’s a great interview; Cirina has this wonderful way of bringing out the best in people so you walk away from these discussions not only learning about a new company or product, but you gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the people behind all those great ideas and products out there. Give a listen!


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