Switcher Studio: Live Streaming to YouTube Just Got Easier

Switcher Studio just got better. Which is hard to fathom, because before today, it was already pretty amazing. Multicam, professional productions with iPhones and iPads. Live streaming from iPhones and iPads. Broadcast quality recording. Pretty sweet.
But today, Switcher Studio just upped their game, in a really big way. Live streaming, direct to YouTube, from within the app. And a slew of other features too.
  • Enable YouTube NOW to go live at a moment’s notice.
  • Select from previously scheduled events and manage advanced settings.
  • Create NEW YouTube events directly in the app.
  • Set video availability to public, private or unlisted.
  • Get share URL’s for your YouTube LIVE events to post on Twitter, Facebook and more!
And it gets better. Want to create professional-looking productions?
  • Create Dynamic Video: Use the built-in camera on your iPhone or iPad and insert photos, graphics, and overlays in your video. All you need is one device.
  • Share Computer Screen: bring your computer in as a source and setup picture-in-picture.
  • Be the Director! Make edits on the fly and walk away from your event with a finished video.
  • Record 1080p HD broadcast quality video using “Director Mode” and dial in advanced settings to take complete control of your production.
  • Add multiple wireless cameras without huge upfront equipment costs by connecting additional iPhones and iPads to your wireless network.
This is really big news, and timely news. YouTube is exploding with content and an entirely new category of filmmakers and content creators dominating the internet – YouTubers – has emerged. This app is a boon for them in particular. One of my favorite YouTubers, Casey Neistat, has been saying for a while that YouTube is the new mainstream media. It’s the most direct way of connecting with, and building your own audience. No middleman, no obstacles. It’s forcing the creation of quality content. Because at the end of the day, it’s your audience who’s deciding if they want to watch your content and not some media conglomerate deciding what they’ll choose to show you.
And it’s not just vloggers. Traditional broadcasters, television stations are also turning to the Internet and YouTube to reach new audiences. They recognize where their audiences are spending most of their time – online. Now they also have a tool to help them reach out in compelling new ways.
Switcher Studio is making it that much easier for this new generation of content creators and YouTubers to create something worth watching.
Visit www.switcherstudio.com to sign up for a free trial.

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