Rampant Live + Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly = Awesome

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.50.09 AM
While YouTube is exploding, and truly coming into its own as a premiere channel for amazing content, there are some creators who have been there from the beginning. These are the guys who set a standard, worked unbelievably hard,  continued to build their platforms, and with every piece of content, have elevated that standard to ensure that what we see every day is nothing short of awesome.
Ryan Connolly is one of those guys, having built a community of DIY filmmakers through his YouTube Channel, Film Riot. He’s a filmmaker, a writer, a director, a YouTuber. And he’s brilliant. And funny…hysterical, actually. And tonight, he joins Sean and Stef Mullen of Rampant Design on their new live streaming show, Rampant Live.
I’m excited for this one. Mainly because it will be a show that not only brings together some of the hardest working people in filmmaking I know (yeah, that’s you Sean and Stef), but it promises to offer some really fun, interesting and personal BTS of the people behind the content we watch everyday, and the tools we use to create that content. It takes a certain type of person to crank out the work that these guys do everyday. This show gives you the opportunity to get to know them a little better.
Check out tonight’s episode here, live at 9:00 EST where Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly joins Rampant’s own Sean and Stef Mullen. Awesome will surely ensue.

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